Order fulfillment for the American research superlaser LCLS-II

In 2017 Kubara Lamina won a contract founded by the US Department of Energy for the supply of components for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS-II) free electron laser being built at Stanford Univercity?s SLAC laboratory.

The LCLS-II projects is being developed and built for SLAC thanks to the cooperation of many laboratories, which includes four DOE laboratories: Jefferson Lab, Argonne National Lab, Berkeley Lab and Fermilab, as well as cooperation with Cornell University.

One of Kubara Lamina?s tasks was to produce absorbers of higher-order modes of the electromagnetic field.

HOM Beam Line Absorber highly technologically and innovatively advanced, its task is to supress higher parasitic vibration modules in X-ray lasers on free electrons.