Jerzy Kubara President of The Kubara Lamina appointed for the second time by Mateusz Morawiecki as a Memeber of the ITE Scientific Council

President of Kubar Lamina S.A., Jerzy Kubara was appointed for the second time by Mateusz Morawiecki, the Minister of Finance and Development, as a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Electron Technology.

The mission of the Institute is to conduct basic and applied research in the field of electronics and solid state physics as well as to develop, implement and disseminate modern micro and nano technologies and their applications in the field of photonics as well as micro and nano electronics. The Institute was founded in Warsaw in 1966 by the Council of Ministers as a unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1970, ITE was transformed into an industrial institute under the Ministry of Industry. At the same time, it was included in the newly created CEMI Science and Production Microelectronics Center. An additional task that ITE faced at that time was the development of new semiconductor devices and technologies, their implementation into serial production and author’s supervision over this production.

ITE has been an independent research institute under the Ministry of Development since 1991. The main goal of the Institute’s activity is to conduct scientific research at a global level and to develop advanced semiconductor technologies used in innovative products. The Institute conducts doctoral studies. The Institute’s Scientific Council has the right to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in technical sciences in the field of electronics.