Dedicated to medical devices enabling radical radiotherapy and specialised procedures by the use of beam of photons, electrons and protons of high energies.

Kubara Lamina undertook to design and produce an HPM source for the purpose of a project carried out by the Military Academy of Technology. As part of the project, it is to construct a high power microwave generator that will generate single or packages of impulses of the width of single ?s. The generator will be based on the impulse-driven magnetron connected with an antenna and a battery of supercapacitors. The generator will incorporate an impulse-driven magnetron for S band of the output capacity of above 2MW, a power supply source based on supercapacitors of the voltage of around 50kV, as well as an antenna of the directionality of above 10 dBi. The HPM generator parameters will be controlled electronically.

At present, the company designs an S-band magnetron block and a switched-mode power supply.

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