High power travelling wave tubes (TWT) operating in the S-band are applicable in military radiolocation systems. The design of the S-band tube, equivalent to the tube  used in TRS-15 radars, is implemented by the Kubara Lamina  in cooperation with specialists from the PIT-RADWAR S.A. branch in Wrocław. In 2016, based on the initial model of the tube, the construction of the main components of the tube was detailed: the electron gun, the structure of the delay line and the collector. As a result of the research, the construction of the delay line was modified. In 2017, the initial construction documentation for the product was developed. On its basis, the tube design has been implemented for specialist computing programs. The correctness of its operation has been pre-validated by means of electromagnetic simulations with a positive effect. In addition, the emission from the electron  gun was tested in an experimental manner, also with a positive effect. All electron  gun elements (ie cathode, insulating ceramics, pass-through ceramics and other elements) have been purchased, completed and are in the process of assembly of the test assembly of the test unit.

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