Strong business partner

On the basis of the regulation of the Minister of Mechanical Industry of 8 March 1957, Zakłady Lamp Nadawczych LAMINA in the process of construction with its registered office in Piaseczno was established. The company has been carrying on its business for over 60 years and since 2013 it has been trading in under the name of Kubara Lamina S.A. Kubara Lamina?s production activities are based on two main pillars:

  • production of high power semi-conductors for power, electronic and military industries;
  • production of microwave products, including amplitrons, i.e. end power amplifiers used in military radiolocation equipment.

Kubara Lamina?s business focuses on innovativeness and creates ground-breaking technological solutions. The company?s business philosophy is reflected in its product offer, which comprises solutions targeted at the most demanding markets. Based on our long-lasting experience and expertise, we develop the power, electrical and arms industry that is capable of delivering technologically advanced and innovative projects. We constantly develop our resources and skills by reacting fast to changes taking place in the world in order to meet our business partners? requirements in Poland and abroad.

Our goals
Become a leader providing available and effective equipment that is necessary for the reliable operation of devices used in the power, electrical, arms and medical industries. Develop the range of the products and services offered to strengthen our market position in Poland and abroad.

Diversify our production and create modern technological solutions for a wide spectrum of civil and military customers.